Tours to See Aurora Borealis in North America

Winter Trip to Whitehorse

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Whitehorse is a popular place to visit for those, who are aspired to see Northern Lights. Between autumn and spring arrays of blue, red, green and violet lights is a common sight in the capital of Yukon.

Polar Bears under Aurora Lights

Location: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Lights appear in the sky over 300 nights a year. If you are also interested in wildlife and want to see polar bears, this is a place for you.

A Trip to the Aurora Oval

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Alaska offers some of the clearest views on the Aurora Lights. Fairbanks is geographically located under the "Aurora Oval", were Auroras appear most frequently.

Visit Europe - See Aurora Borealis!

Mount Nuoljia

Location: Abisko, Sweden Abisko National Park is the home to the Aurora Sky Station, situated 2,952 feet above the sea level on the Mount Nuolja. There is practically no pollution there and the view on the Aurora Borealis may be considered the best in Sweden.

Finish Lapland

Location: Inari, Finland In Finish Lapland it is possible to see Aurora up to 200 nights a year! The best time to go is between late August and early March. In Inari, you can experience not only Northern Lights, but also the unique culture of the indigenous Sami people.

What is Aurora Borealis? Let us explain!

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    The Aurora Borealis was named after the goddess Aurora. What is interesting, is that the name "Aurora" originally meant "Dawn". "Borealis" means "Wind".

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    The Colour of the Lights

    The lights in the sky are caused by the interaction of the magnetic field with solar radiation.
    The color of the lights depends on the type of particles coming in contact with the magnetic field.
    Thus, yellow and green northern lights indicate the presence of oxygen, red - nitrogen, blue - atomic nitrogen, purple - molecular nitrogen.

Heroes Behind the Company

Aurora Borealis is a beautiful phenomenon. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy it without worrying about accommodation, transport or anything else that might distract. Let us worry about routine, and let you to concentrate on beauty.

Giorgia Conrad

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